Adventure STEAM

Learning ReDesigned!

We are an educational-based nonprofit organization that merges creativity, augmented reality and visual design with early childhood learning. All focused on the exciting world of science, technology, engineering, art, and math.

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Make an Adventure buddy

The mission of Adventure STEAM is to integrate, engage and deepen the impact of early education, outreach and collaboration between under served children, their parents, teachers, and education-based organizations and creative thought leaders.

Our aim is to redesign and reimagine learning, through fun and engaging interactive activities and printed coloring books that transport your child into outer space, guides them as they explore on safari or takes them on a journey under the sea – all led through an online educational gaming platform for both web and mobile devices.



Art. Math.

Why Adventure STEAM?

Adventure STEAM believes that providing free to low-cost resources for children and families in our underserved communities is the best solution to combat illiteracy, nurture every child’s creativity for exploration, encourage their mental growth and overall help close the achievement gap in education. All while giving them the ability to not just study and learn in school, but to continue their education at home and on the go!

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Research shows that kids between the ages of 3 and 5 are creative geniuses. Educational tools like Adventure STEAM provide an introduction to learning that is fun, interactive and taps into that creativity in such a unique way.

Shawn Sanford
Parent & STEAM Advocate